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Many of you are aware that we have been searching for a new facility for the last few years that could provide us room for expansion, with sufficient parking, and easy convenient access for our members, as well as office space for firefighter associations, and event space. As Colorado’s only private financial institution for professional firefighters we have seen the need for the synergy of bringing our fire services community together. Finding such a property, as you might imagine, at the right price in Denver’s hot real estate market was not an easy task. After an exhaustive search, and hundreds of hours of analysis, the Board of Directors is proud to announce that we have purchased a property that we feel meets our stringent needs.

We are very excited to announce that in 2017 we will be moving our Credit Union to 12 Lakeside Lane, Denver CO 80212. The building is on the south side of I-70, and east of Harlan. The new facility will become Colorado’s Center for Professional Firefighters, giving us the room to expand and to meet the ever changing financial needs that our members require us to provide.

New Building

The building will require remodeling and renovation to fit our needs.

Architectural Renderings for 12 Lakeside Lane

Front Entrance:

Front Entrance New Building

Side View New Building


Event Center Patio:

Outside Setting Area New Building

March 2017 Updated Architectural Renderings

View as you are walking into DFDFCU:

View as you are walking in to DFDFCU


New Building Lobby

DFDFCU Boardroom:

New Building Boardroom

Event Center:

Event Center - New Building

Firefighter Center Offices:

New Building Center Offices


Will you keep our current building?

We will be selling our current facility, and will occupy 2201 Federal Blvd until we move.

How far away is this new building from the Federal location?

12 Lakeside Ln is 4 to 4.5 miles from our Federal Location depending on the route that is taken. In fact more of our members live within 5 miles of our new location than our current facility.

How much parking will you have at 12 Lakeside Ln?

We will have 69 onsite spaces, and we will have an agreement with the neighboring property for enough parking for any event that the facility can handle.

I like our current location why didn’t you just remodel or expand the current existing Building?

We fully vetted this as an option and spent significant time with the local Historic Committee and Denver Landmark Commission to understand what uses they would approve and permit. Redevelopment would be disruptive to ongoing business operations, staff, and membership, and most likely would have resulted in temporarily relocating business operations during construction. The expense to remodel and expand was going to more than double our cost to move to 12 Lakeside Lane.

When will you move?

We are anticipating that we will move in mid-2017. We will keep the membership posted as we draw closer to a confirmed moving date.

This move seems like it could cost a lot of money?

The financial aspects of this move are one of the best things about it. With the rental income that we will be receiving, the new facility will be substantially less to operate than our current building.

How big is the new facility?

The new building will be more than 3 times the size of our current building. The event space is planned to hold 200 + for banquets and considerably more for meetings. The Credit Union will have more space than we have now, and it will be configured to meet our current needs.

Do you plan to change or enhance services?

Yes, we are restructuring to a more member-centric environment that is more private and personalized than our current model.

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