What’s New

Mailing Forward Issue

It has come to our attention that there has been an issue with incoming mail forwarding to our new location at 12 Lakeside Lane. We followed the procedures with USPS to ensure zero lapse of service and unfortunately we have found that some mail that may have been sent to 2201 Federal Boulevard after November 17th has not made it to our new location. If you have mail that was sent to 2201 Federal Boulevard and your payment or transaction has not posted, please contact us at 303.228.5300. A member of our team will work with you to ensure that transactions will be completed. Please note: if your payment has caused any fees with DFDFCU or any other financial institution, we will work with you to waive/refund those fees. We greatly value your membership and will work to ensure that this issue is taken care of in a timely manner!

November 20- Credit Union is Closed

The credit union is closed today for system testing!  Please call and visit us tomorrow, November 21!

The Credit Union is Moving!

The new address is 12 Lakeside Lane, Denver, CO 80212 off the I-70 frontage road.  (Southside of I-70, east of Harlan)

We will no longer provide services at this location starting November 21st.


We thank you for your continued support!  Please contact our team with any questions.

Parking Situation at 2201 Federal

The DFDFCU parking lot at 2201 Federal Blvd will no longer be available for Bronco parking.  DFDFCU no longer owns this building and the new owners will be charging for parking.

Equifax Data Breach Resources- Updated


As you know, Equifax has announced a data breach, potentially impacting 143 million customers.  If you have registered with Equifax, you are potentially at risk. Equifax recommends you go to the website they have set up for consumers to see if they were affected at www.equifaxsecurity2017.com. You can also call the Equifax call center at 866-447-7559.They have set up protection measures you can take advantage of because of the breach.


We will continue to employ our monitoring services for our member to see if their accounts with the credit union are compromised.



Were you affected by the Equifax data breach? One click could cost you your rights in court


Equifax requires disputes with it to be settled in arbitration, unless consumers opt out, assuming they know they can.


Read more: http://www.cnbc.com/id/104698742


Visa Account Updater Coming October 2017

Visa Account Updater (VAU) is coming October 2017.  This program will assist in maintaining current payment information with participating merchants1, automatically.  Cardholders will only need to call merchants that do not participate in VAU1.  This automatic update will reduce the number of declined transactions due to old card information. 


Commonly asked questions about VAU:

  • What is VAU?  Merchants that process recurring and installment payments (subscriptions, utilities, etc.) on your DFDFCU Credit or Debit cards and that participate in VAU1 will now be able to receive updated card information. 
  • How does VAU work?  When your card renews or if you are issued a brand new number due to a loss or theft, the VAU system will seamlessly update your card information with participating merchants1.  No more worries of interrupted service!
  • How do I enroll in VAU?  All DFDFCU Visa cardholders are automatically opted into this service.  
  • How do I opt-out of VAU?  If you do not want to participate simply complete and return an opt-out form.  Please contact DFDFCU at 303-228-5300.  We will work with you to find the most convenient way to get you an opt-out form. 
  • What merchants will be participating?  Merchants that maintain customer account information on file such as; utilities, subscriptions, gym memberships, etc.  Each merchant who wants to participate has to be reviewed by Visa and approved before they are allowed to participate.
  • Will my personal information be sent?  No.  Only card related information; card number updates and expiration date updates.


For more information please call us at 303-228-5300 and speak with Financial Services Consultant.

1If the merchant does not participate in VAU, it is the cardholders responsibility to maintain correct payment information with them.

























Mobile App Compatibility Changes on June 25, 2017


Starting on June 25, 2017 the DFDFCU Mobile App will only be compatible with Android KitKat 4.4 and above and Apple iOS8 and above.


Please make sure your mobile device is updated with the most recent operating system to ensure you will be able to connect to the DFDFCU Mobile App.


Visa Checkout


DFDFCU is now happy to offer Visa Checkout, another secure way to pay online.  Just enroll your DFDFCU Visa cards, and look for the Visa Checkout button when you shop online. 


Take a look at the Visa Checkout website for more details, https://usa.visa.com/pay-with-visa/visa-checkout.html. 


Most of the current merchants even offer incentives to use Visa Checkout!    


DFDFCU's My Money

DFDFCU's My Money offers you an easy way to manage your personal finances on-line, securely, and with the convenience of getting access to all of your online banking accounts and credit cards - in one place-DFDFCU.com.

It's not uncommon for people to have a checking account at one financial institution, a vehicle loan with a second lender, and an IRA at a major bank. Wouldn't it be great if you could track all of your personal finances from all of these different accounts with on easy-to-use tool?

That's the idea behind DFDFCU's My Money - a new personal finance management product from Denver Fire Department FCU. By using My Money, you can track all of your online banking accounts in one place - including the ones you have with us AND those you have with other financial institutions.

More than that, DFDFCU's My Money can track your income, expenses and financial goals when saving for a new vehicle, a new home, a fantastic vacation or even continuing education.

It's easy to get started today. If you are already signed up for Online Banking, please log-in and click on the My Money tab to get started. If you don't have Online Banking, call us at 303.228.5300 to enroll. DFDFCU's My Money - another way that DFDFCU is working to make banking a little easier.

CardValet Is Here....
CardValet from DFDFCU is ideal for our members who want to proactively control their debit card usage and spending while on the go. Control your debit card by turning it "on" or "off." Monitor your debit card transactions with real time balance inquiries. Establish transaction amount spending limits.* Block transactions for certain merchant categories like gas, hotel, travel etc.* Restrict transactions to merchants located outside of a certain range or your location.* Manage and review debit card usage for your dependents. Use interactive alerts letting you know when a transaction is approved, or exceeds pre-set limits, or when a transaction is attempted but declined. Getting started is easy! Simply download the Card Valet app from your mobile device and then customize your usage and alert settings. *Transaction amount spending limits, merchant categories, and GPS location restriction are subject to fraud policies and restrictions already in place with DFDFCU. For example, if the cardholder is in Spain, merchants in Spain will be automatically restricted no matter what setting the card user dictates through CardValet, as foreign country transactions may be blocked.