Disclosures & Forms


Membership and Account Disclosures

Membership and Account Agreement

Fee Schedule

Truth in Savings Disclosure

Electronic Funds Disclosure

Funds Availability Disclosure

Opt Out Disclosure

Esign Disclosure

Visa Debit Card Disclosure

Business Visa Debit Card Disclosure

Lending Disclosures

Home Equity Line of Credit Disclosure

Credit Card Disclosure

Savings and Checking Account Forms

All the below forms are printable PDF versions. Please contact a DFDFCU representative if you would like to receive a version that can be received and signed electronically.

Automatic Funds Transfer Authorization

Direct Deposit Form

Change of Address Form

Incoming Wire Instructions

Account Closure Request Form

Credit and Debit Cards Forms

Balance Transfer Form

Credit Card Dispute

Credit Card Fraud

Debit Card Dispute/Fraud

Mobile Check Deposit Agreement

Mobile Check Deposit Agreement

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